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Relentless at Leeds Festival

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A long standing relationship with Leeds Festival has earned Relentless the authority to engage with fans and increase notoriety of the late night Relentless Stage.

Brand Objectives:
Communicate the brand

• Core Creative Idea in an engaging and tangible way
• Showcase a preview of the new brand direction through engaging visual content
• Create social conversations and amplify our association with the event Increase trial and product consideration with our core target audience

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The solution

Provide the elements that make an intense party environment and let the audience create the atmosphere.

Insight: If you build it, they will come. Consumers are looking to us for experiences that provide them with an element of escapism. That, plus really loud music and immersive production.

Idea: Create an unrivalled late night party destination that delivers an outstanding electronic music line-up with an immersive 3D projection mapped stage production.

Implementation: Projection mapped stage structure with custom brand animations set in a tree lined avenue between 2 major campsites. The production extended 100m+ down the avenue with lighting in the trees to utilise the tree canopy. Coupled with an impressive audio package the area came to life from 8pm – 3am Thursday to Sunday. With headline sets from DJ Friction, Klaxons, Netsky and DJ Fresh the line-up each night delivered an immersive experience for the masses.


The Impact/h2>

The best music line-up and stage production that the brand has ever done with an attendance capacity that exceeded the main dance stage of the festival!

2014 results:

• Circa 50,000 experienced the stage over 4 nights (20% of overall festival attendance)
• #berelentless trended Top 5 in the UK during the 4 days of activity
• DJ Fresh’s tweet mentioning Relentless received over 1,000 retweets and reached over 850,000 users on Twitter
• 69% of the audience used & liked the Relentless Stage, and 50% now feel better about the brand


Client Testimonial

“I was quite honestly blown away by how awesome both sites looked – they were without doubt the best activations we have done in my opinion!”
Sam Grant, Relentless Marketing Manager

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