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Lead or be led… burn Trailblazers is out

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Vision Nine are excited to present our latest content series produced for Coca-Cola’s global energy drink brand, burn. Out NOW, January 2015, the campaign took us to the South Island of New Zealand for two weeks exploring different themes with the burn Nordic professional snowboard team.

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The world is what you make of it. Lead or be led. Two paths. You choose... burn Trailblazers is the story of a few friends, who chose to create their own destiny and ended up on the trip of a lifetime. Different people with different backgrounds united by a common attitude.

burn Trailblazers is about discovery, curiosity, authenticity & relentless passion. It is not just a series about snowboarding. It is a film about life and finding the energy to live for the moment at every opportunity, creating your own destiny. Every day is an opportunity to experience more; no matter where you live, how old you are or what you are into.

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