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Festivals In Film

There’s a growing trend in festival announcement films. It makes sense – how can one image filled with band names possibly communicate the whole personality and ethos behind one weekend that takes a year to bring to life?

As a small tea-break treat here’s some of the more eye-catching trailers we’ve seen over the past month.



First stop Manchester with Parklife’s Studio Moross created wonder. A trademark of Moross’ work has always been their strong illustration to music (rather than as a soundbed backing). Every beat feels heightened by a visual action, making each new artist flash incredibly impactful.



A woman dressed as a kitten! With real kittens! In make-up! Being scared by a loudspeaker! Carried by a drone! A surreal video as mind bending as some of their artist’s sets. The first in a series of announcement videos that are as entertaining as they are odd.



Staying in Barcelona, Primavera’s announcement is all about story telling. Backed by a moody John Carpenter soundtrack, a narrator describes a noir-esque tale woven with the names of each performing act whilst the simplicity of animation heightens the journey


Lollapalooza Berlin

Taking steps into a more physical world now, Lollapalooza has spent time and effort in the planning and crafting a visually stunning real-world piece. Three things you’ll see in next 2 minutes:  80’s cassette players, smoking amps and a New Order cake. The whole thing feels like a mad professor’s design studio and could only have been devised in Berlin.


End Of The Road

Best Small Festival winner at this year’s NME Awards, End Of The Road issues an upbeat rallying call in this fun film. Perhaps sticking 2 fingers up at the festival status quo, they wear their ind(i)ependent hearts on their sleeve with this lo-fi, yet highly stylised approach.


Written by Mike Lightford, Music Strategist

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