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We partner with challenger vodka brand Our / London

New to the London Vodka scene, Our / London opened its doors in December 2015 with its very own micro-distillery based in Hackney Downs.

In collaboration with Our / London and Blixen restaurant in Shoreditch, Vision Nine concepted and designed a Manhattan themed pop up bar and outdoor lounge that allowed the brand to spread it’s message intimately with the engaged cocktail week audience. 

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Drawing inspiration from local fresh ingredients, with a focus on ginger, our idea was to immerse cocktail fans into an experience away from the hullaballoo of the main festival through multi sensory touch points.  From strong visuals through food styling, essential oils creating olfactory moments  and ultimately taste testing, the Our / Vodka lounge became a popular destination throughout the week, gaining valuable brand awareness.  The Bar ran five cocktails based on a range of ingredients including turmeric, cardamom, coffee and ginger all linked to their next ‘infusion’ series of vodkas. 

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