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Vision Nine partners Relentless with two UK powerhouse music promoters.

Each year, Vision Nine is challenged by our long standing clients at Relentless Energy Drink, to continually innovate and provide fresh avenues to create new and meaningful partnerships. With a deep rooted commitment within the UK music landscape and a spotlight on electronic music, Relentless challenged us to grow their presence in the space through innovative and forward thinking long term partnerships. 

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Two of the UK’s hottest and most respected promoters are now a welcome addition to the Relentless partnership family. Manchester based, The Warehouse Project and London based, London Warehouse Events - who individually operate a series of electronic music events in their respective cities, have been providing fans with world class line-ups and sold out experiences for over 10 years.

Each event series will see Relentless stocked as the official energy drink of choice, as well as delivering a variety of different brand experiences over the course of each series. Both partners have also worked alongside Vision Nine and Relentless to develop co-presented nights that will feature a host of Relentless music ambassador artists and culminate in a huge new years eve celebrations. 

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