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The Year In Music

It’s not just the talent bookers and musos in Shelton St that have been keeping their ears warm in headphones all year, Vision Nine’s office is full to the brim with people that need a soundtrack to their day, every day.

Spotify have given a little tit-bit of listener data back this festive season with their Year In Music function. We decided to have a look at what the whole team have been listening to this year. Bearing in mind the office radio is also on at all times, these figures really show that the team live for music as much outside the office as during working hours.

Jamie XX, Rae Morris, Wolf Alice and Sunset Sons were the main artists that featured across the group.


Major Lazer made it onto quite a few lists (to be expected when ‘Lean On’ became the most streamed track in Spotify history this year)

Collectively, Vision Nine listened to over 200 continuous days of music – that’s an average of 15,000 minutes each!

With work at more events and festivals than ever in 2016, it’s a good job the team at V9 like their tunes…

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